Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Hallelujah – Whisky Fair 2011

Yes we have been delivered from despair with the crash out of Whisky Live Sydney! (phew) The Oak Barrel has continued with their own event or more so an enhancement of last years activities at the Oak Barrel with Sydney Whisky Fair 2011.

For those that attended last years Whisky Live Sydney 2010 may recall word that Oak Barrel was running pre-event activities in the week(s) prior to Whisky Live Sydney (if I recall correctly). Simply with the distance needed to travel to Whisky Live Sydney in the same period + the price was too much for myself to take interest in other eventide around the same date. I personally have never been to an Oak Barrel event though other club members have and speak highly of them.

Only 24hrs ago I discovered an announcement for Sydney Whisky Fair 2011 via the Oak Barrel website. Considering several members of the club actually are on a subscription list to Oak Barrel I am disappointed  to say none of us got any notification. In fact it is fare to say that the Oak Barrel's marketing has failed big time as the last notification I ever got form them was late 2010. None the less we are here now and somewhat excited.

For any locals that might have an interest like us that did not know the event was on, you can find out most information via the Sydney Whisky Fair website.

In brief the event will be held at the Oak Barrel in Sydney City which means an intimate affair. Though no clear indication is noted if actually distillery representatives will be attending it does seem like a good swag of whiskies will be on offer for tasting. The event is on for 2 days, in 3hr sessions, on Friday 2nd September and Saturday 3rd September. There is no indication that you need to attend both dates to enjoy the pleasures on offer. Tickets are limited so get in quick.

A prompt email this morning 2 August 2011 (which I am much appreciated for) from Frolic Events (Event Co-ordinators for Sydney Whisky Fair) outlined some key details I felt missing from the site and needed clarification. The comments are as follows:

"We will be limiting the number of guests at each session as we want guests to enjoy the experience and not feel crushed. We will be utilising the Cellar Room & the Cave, which is the space in between the Cellar Room and the shop front. It will certainly be more cosy than some of our events, but it won't be unpleasant. 
We understand that guests will want to try a variety of whiskies and will therefore be serving smaller tasters (max 10ml). We will be providing food and plenty of water as we operate under strict responsible service of alcohol rules at all of our events."

So in light of this info it sounded like a good intimate night and I have booked my ticket in force. For those feeling a bit let down with the absence of Whisky Live Sydney and are in or around Sydney on these dates will probably get a kick out attending. Where one door closes another one opens.

Das Baron