Monday, August 1, 2011


A quick snap of the Smoke and Booze site 1 August 2011
This quick post goes out to fellow DTWC members and our Aussie followers primarily but of course to anyone else internationally that likes a good blog on booze. It is not often you come across a blog that instantly has appeal. For me earlier tonight while skimming twitter I notice one of our tweets retweeted. On quick investigation a link led me to this site 'Smoke and Booze – DEDICATED TO LIFE'S PLEASURES'.

Firstly: What a great name! Instant appeal and just makes me think of a well worn armchair in a gentle-persons club. Dig the byline.

Secondly: Great look with leather stitching! (why didn't we think of that)

Thirdly: Cigars, Beer, and Whisky. Right on brother!

Fourthly: Probably one of the more important bits is that it is Aussie. How long have we waited for another home grown booze blog site to crop up with content we can relate to on a daily basis. Yes words like Dan Murphys are there. Like!

So a review of content leaves me thinking yes, yes, yes, YES! Beers I have tasted and beers I want to taste are all there. For me I like cigars but hate the devastation it does to my taste buds (and lungs) so if there is an opportunity to read about it on a virtual tasting then I am in balls deep. And of course comes the whisky (hope to see more of that).

Ok sure the blog appears to be in it's infancy (first post April 2011) but if only a few months is to go on  then this is one to keep watching. Nice one Mitch keep it up.

The Baron