Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bowmore Legend - Lip, sip, suck

Bowmore forms part of the Suntory whisky family and stands as Islay's oldest distillery (1779). This also makes it one of Scotland's oldest. The Bowmore Legend Single Malt Whisky is probably the most accessible whisky in their range, both in terms of price and availability. Let's see what's on offer...

The bottle: Bowmore has updated its packaging and the bottle is beautifully angled, with some nice edges. The packaging is great, with a simple white tubing in a matte finished. There are differing colours and metal leaf differentiating the various expressions. For example, the Legend has a bronze leaf and a blue-grey colouring around the tube base.

The nose: The usual Islay peat smoke, iodine and seaweed notes, but there is also a lemon-zest freshness present. This maybe from a slightly younger whisky seeing as there is no age statement. This whisky would comprise of various aged whisky's from the Bowmore distillery.

The taste: The whisky has quite a fresh taste. Obviously the peat smoke is there, but that lemon zest freshness is ever present, coupled with some honey sweetness.

On the peat smoke, I find Bowmore whisky's have a very pungent peat smoke. This is in contrast to Lagavulin's (my permanent Islay table whisky), which I would characterise as a dry peat smoke…almost tobacco. I find Bowmore's have a more damp 'pong' smell and taste to them.

If I was to give a dram, then the needle would point to 4.75 bolts from a possible seven. Would I buy it again? Probably not. This is not because I don't enjoy it, but rather this is my second bottle in a year and whilst I love the gift of whisky…I think its time to for something else.

Dram on you crazy diamond.

The Diplomat


  1. Nice and short just the way I cannot seem to ever to do my own. I cannot say I am attracted the Bowmore. I find it kind of stretched and thin and lacks the heavy robust nature that attracts me to Islay Whiskies.

    So far I have had a good deal of the Legend, a couple of drams of the 12yo, and one dram of the 18yo, yet did not in any cases get into it at all.

    I did decide quite some time ago though that I would give the 12yo another attempt and buy a bottle. I would not buy a bottle of Legend again though.

  2. Yeah, I don't think the Legend is the best representation of Bowmore, or maybe I have just had one too many bottles. I really want to love Bowmore whisky's, but I do tend to agree with you, something makes me always go back to the old lucifer Lagavulin.

  3. Loving the post Diplomat. The classic packaging, nose and taste review. I think you've been reading the whisky wheel!