Friday, September 16, 2011

How can I get to it – Laphroaig Live Sydney

Snapshot of Laphroaig Live Website

Recently and to great excitement Laphroaig has announced that the next yearly webcast will be Laphroaig Live Sydney Australia. Previously I have kept you up-to-date on these special events as they have happened but if you have missed the previous few years web casts check them out here (The event held at Makers Mark is one not to be missed).

The date is set for Thursday 6th October 2011 at 8pm. The official site says it will be set in a backdrop of iconic Opera House views so this probably means in Circular Quay at the Park Hyatt or one of the many restaurants along Circular Quay Way just past the Museum of Contemporary Art if not in the MCA itself (which has a stunning events area on top).

Sounds great and I would really love to be there as I am sure all our club members would be but there is nothing to say how you can be part of the audience. What a drag! I have written to Laphroaig about this but have had no response yet. Hopefully I can bring you some details soon otherwise we might just have to crash the party or look like hobos sitting on the front step with laptops in hand watching via the internet.

Either way even if we cannot attend get your dram on and watch the event live on the Laphroaig website.

The Baron

This is a non-sponsord promotion. For any further details please defer to the Laphroaig website.