Friday, September 30, 2011

We Represent – A Week Of All Things Laphroaig

Ok so the big news is that some of us club members will be in the audience for Laphroaig Live Sydney! No gate crashing or sitting on the doorstep for us. We Represent!

Thank you so much to John Campbell Distillery Manager of Laphroaig and Mark Gillespie of Whisky Cast for their honourable contributions and offers to our cause. It is nice to know we are loved in our own special way. Keep an eye out for the guys with the really big smiles on their faces in the audience because that's a good chance it is us.

There is chatter all over the social networks about Laphroaig Live Sydney potentially making it one of the biggest whisky events in Sydney EVER or at least it is getting so much press it seems like it (based on no historical facts what so ever).

Several more of us club members will also be at the Laphroaig Master Class on the night previous making for a Week Of All Things Laphroaig.

As part of the A Week Of All Things Laphroaig I personally intend on making up a batch of Laphroaig BBQ sauce, based on the recipe supplied at the Laphroaig Live Sydney website, the same sauce to be sampled at the Live event.

Other suggestions to get into the spirit of A Week Of All Things Laphroaig would be to:
  • Bath in a tub of Laphroaig Cask Strength
  • Brush your teeth with some freshly cut peat
  • Stew the corks of your previously opened Laphroaig bottles and drink the broth
  • Get your teeth enamelled green for that toothy Laphroaig smile
  • Dram a glass of Laphroaig every time someone says the word Laphroaig
  • Carry a hip flask filled with Laphroaig and tell everyone you know your packing peat
For those not able to attend, chime in on the Laphroaig Live Sydney website 20:00 EST on Thursday, 6 October 2011.

Event schedule according to the Gourmantic website is as follows (be sure to check out the Gourmantic website as they have a chance to get your own tickets as well):

6:45pm – Drinks on arrival at the Italian Village, 7 Circular Quay, Sydney
7:40pm – Guests to be seated, ready for broadcast
8pm – Live broadcast begins
8:40pm (approx) – Broadcast ends
8:50pm – Drinks and food served to guests
10:30pm – Wrap

Highlights of the night to come. Be there or be somewhere less interesting!

The Baron

This is a non-sponsord promotion. For any further details please defer to the Laphroaig website.