Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cheermeister – Get the most Christmas cheer out of your worst whisky

Whisky Cream – The final product

With Christmas coming up quite often family and friends will know you like whisky (because if your anything like me you talk about it all too often) and will buy you a bottle with very little knowledge of what is good or bad or even what you like. Quite often post Christmas you are left with a bottle you really don't want to touch or leave for when the whisky mixers turn up.

I want to let you in on a family recipe my mother passed onto me about 12 years back which does a good job of getting some christmas cheer out of that much unloved bottle on the shelf. This is drink for almost anyone and if you know someone whom likes the old Baileys Irish Cream then they are bound to appreciate this.

Call it an Irish Cream, call it a Scottish Cream, or just Whisky Cream depending on what whisky you choose. This recipe will make up x2 700ml bottles  + 1 additional cup (for tasting).

Whisky Cream – The ingredients

x2 Cups (480ml/half a bottle) of Scotch or Irish blended whisky (don't use your best whisky)
x1 Large bottle of pouring cream 600ml
x1 Tin of condensed milk 395g
x3 Large Eggs
x2 Tablespoons Chocolate Topping
x2 Tablespoons Instant Coffee

Essential Additional Requirements:

x1 Mixing bowl two litre capacity (with pouring lip if you have got it)
x2 Empty 700ml whisky bottles with screw caps
x1 Electric beaters or electric mixer
x1 funnel for pouring contents into bottles


Step 1 – Clean your bottles and funnel. Be sure this is done well so no bacteria is present. Most important as eggs are present in the mix.

Step 2 – Combine all ingredients into the mixing bowl and mix for a minimum of 3 minutes on high. You need to really get the eggs and cream blended well or they will separate and split in the bottle.

Step 3 – Taste the mix and see if you need to top up either the coffee or chocolate. I have found sometimes I have needed to double the coffee content depending on the type of whisky used.

Step 4 – Using the cleaned funnel pour the blended ingredients into the bottles. With any of the remaining mix left drink now. You should have almost a 3/4 cups worth.

Step 5 – Refrigerate the filled bottles for at left 4hrs. You will find the flavour will improve considerably if you give it time to rest.

When pouring give the bottle of good shake. You may find after refrigeration the top portion slightly frozen so just stick a knife down inside and blend it back in.

Expect this to last no more than 2 days in the fridge. It may last longer but it does have fresh eggs in it so don't tempt fate. Your family would not appreciate being poisoned the day after christmas.

The Baron