Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Sultry Mistress – Jura Superstition

Jura Superstition

While the chill of winter was still in the air and my whisky supply getting low I took this opportunity to purchase and savour a bottle of Jura Superstition all to myself. I have had this dram before in limited quantity at Dramalot so I was no stranger to its unique and enticing shapely booty. This one is round, warming and a little bit naughty. I am glad to say with the last dram in hand for this review, the weather has once again turned to a winter snap and this lover is once again in my bed.

Though I have never been to Jura, from the interviews I have seen and heard, as well as regularly visiting the Jura website it is easy to see how passionate the distillery is about their whisky. I personally think you can find that passion in this expression.

Jura's claim to this expression is to be 'subtly sweet yet smoky' and that claim really does round this whisky out very accurately. Being so close to Islay many will always think Jura to be heavily peated simply because of association but of course this is a fallacy. Yes it is smokey but it is not peaty and the smoke is always in the background, sitting in a booth watching nonchalantly, expectantly knowing that something pleasant is about to happen.

For me the packaging is really attractive. The bottle has such a raunchy shape with curves in all the right places. Great to handle a easy dram into the glass, and embossed writing you just want to tweak oh so gently.

Jura Superstion
Location / Region: Jura
Alcohol: 43%

The colour is the note of orange tea. Very delicious to see in the glass or bottle.

The nose has an immediate sweetness about it. Wooded smoked honeys, mild botanicals and florals, with hints of freshly peeled banana skin followed by a light sharpness which just lifts your senses.

To taste it is very soft on the tongue with heaps of honey and smoke – oh you sultry mistress. Soon after a familiar metallic banding across the mid top of the pallet (much like one gets with a Laphroaig in some ways). Not too complex on the pallet overall that follows with a mild citrus tang before a sharp sting in the back of the throat (is that the slap that comes after the tickle… you be the judge).

The finish is warming and somewhat long with a little tang climbing back into the throat after every sip.

Overall not a massively complex whisky but the sweet honey and smoke certainly make for an attractively unique dram I have not encountered before. There is subtleness in everything about it with just that announce of spanking feistiness always leaving you on edge.

If I was to give a dram than this is certainly a 5 3/4 out of 7. I will certainly be inviting this beauty back to my abode giving preference to the Superstition over the Origin expression.

Baron Von Raunchy