Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I Pity The Fool – Buying Australian Whisky In Australia

Today I did a little bit of shopping online to see what whisky I might order. I was shocked to find the Australian whisky we pay a motza for here in the home land is cheaper coming from the UK. WHAT?!

How can it be that a whisky shipped from Australia to the UK, resold, repackaged, and then shipped back to Australia, actually be cheaper than walking 100m down the road and picking up a bottle?! There has to be something seriously wrong with our system allowing this to happen. Why are the Aussie distilleries not trying to target and gain support from the local market? If you can sell it to the UK at that price you can bloody well sell it it here for at least the same. I do not need to continue to hear comments about making a premium product that needs to be sold at a premium price, when this kind of thing is happening. This is clearly not just an issue of quality + volume + tax = price.

Yes there is more than one thing influencing the price such as marketing attitudes, but if your not scratching your head and questioning who is being taken for a ride here then in the words of Mr-T "I pity the fool..." for even considering buying local whisky products right now.

Ask yourself are the Australian distilleries truly wanting respect and support form the local market? If your answer concludes to be 'no it appears not' (like mine) then should we be giving respect at all to our home grown distilleries by handing over our hard earned cash? I chose in the end not to buy Australian at all. If I am going to ship something from overseas it might as well be a foreign product. More is the pity as there are some exceptional Australian Whiskies on offer and I would like at some stage to buy them.

You do your own research, but my references on cost came from local whisky retailers like Oak Barrel, Whisky Galore (Australian site), Vintage Cellars and Dan Murphys (to name a few) vs UK based online retailers The Whisky Exchange and Master Of Malt.

The Annoyed Baron