Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Important Man – Johnnie Walker Commercial

Last night while catching up on my pre-recorded Ghost Hunters episodes I was skipping through the adverts at a rate of x30 speed. Amazing enough in a fraction of a second I spied a logo, that logo, The Walking Man logo. Hitting stop I yelled "what was that ad for?!". Rewind back it was a commercial for Johnnie Walker Black. Now I am not a commercial kind of person even though my industry is surrounded by them. As a matter of fact I do not even watch free to air TV just to get away form them. In this case I had to sit back and have a light giggle. Yes I was caught, snared by those ninja tactics yet again. Curse those strategically placed demographically selected infrequent spots on Foxtel.

It is not often we even see a whisky commercial so I did not mind the trauma of at least one watch (and thena quick run to the computer to start blogging about it. In the the new world order of  Old Spice "Old Spice Man", and Dos Equis "The Most Interesting Man In The World" style commercials comes Johnnie Walker "The Important Man" right on their heels. An unoriginal rip off or a smart parody it certainly got my attention last night so it worked. Check out "The Important Man" and make your own judgement.

If yourw interested in catching up on all those JW commercials we have seen here in Aus get to the Johnnie Walker Youtube Channel. Regardless if you drink Johnnie Walker or not you have to applaud the quality and effort they go to in their marketing.

Baron Von "The Less Interesting Man"