Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dramcember - May the Drams Be With You

The DTWC Mariachis

Well it is Dramcember again and once again the call is out to all members and blog followers to remember your duty and get involved.

The rules are simple. Between the 9th of Dramcember until the 9th and Dramuary you are tasked to try at least 1 whisky you have never had before. This can be a single dram or a full bottle (it really does not matter). In doing so then post about it somewhere, anywhere, to let us all know how good or how bad it was.

We all get stuck in a slump and do not step to far off the beaten track which can make our pallets bit stagnant. If you have been wanting to try something new and need some inspiration well here it is.

For the club members remember your duty and get those posts up.

For those followers out there that do not have their own blog or club site DTWC is more than happy to take your guests posts as part of the Dramcember festivities.

I already have several drams purchased specifically for this task so I will be posting these up soon.

So once again in the words handed down many a century rubbed black with the Woolery Tartan, and dutifully sung by the DTWC Mariachis I ask you to read an repeat:

Remember Remember
The 9th of Dramcember!

Dramcember Dramcember
It is a time to remember!

Dramcember Dramcember
Let's dram one together!

Dramcember Dramcember
Not a choice but a duty!

Dramcember Dramcember
Distant thunder and booty!

Looking forward to your posts or mentions. Make Dramcember the international month of whisky.

The Baron