Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Spaniard – Glenmorangie 30yo Malaga Cask Finish

Glenmorangie 30yo Malaga Cask Finish – image from Whisky Exchange Website


Last night I tried Glenmorangie 30 year old Malaga Cask Finish. Glenmorangie, as Club members will remember from the Whisky Live 2009 is a stable mate of Ardbeg (my personal favourite). This is a one off limited edition bottling (2597 bottles only) and so it doesn’t appear on the standard Glenmorangie product range or the website. It was finished in casks which previously held a sweet fortified wine from the Andalucian (Spanish) province of Malaga.

Glenmorangie 30yo Malaga Cask Finish
Distiller: Glenmorangie
Region: Highland
Bottled: 2006
ABV: 43%

This whisky has a rather bland nose, there was a hint of chocolate, but that is all. I couldn’t find much else to discern. I was actually quite surprised by this. I certainly could discern any influence from the wine casks. This whisky is an intensely golden colour, but was otherwise unremarkable.

It has an incredibly smooth finish and mouth feel. Time in the casks was well spent, this was possibly the smoothest whisky I’ve ever tasted. Very, very easy to drink. However, as with the nose, I could detect any flavour from the casks. I’m not sure how much time was spent in the wine casks, but I don’t think it was for long. Its almost like it was an afterthought by the distillers, rather than a planned move.

Apart from the smoothness, I didn’t find this whisky to be particularly memorable. It was a bit like the JW Blue we tasted last month. Very nice, but nothing that I hadn’t tasted before. In fact it was very similar to the Standard Glenmorangie bottle. The cost of the bottle was approximately $550 from Whisky Exchange, and too be frank I think that is probably too much. It was nice, very smooth, but would I buy it again. Probably not. If I gave a dram, I would rate this as 5 out of 7 lightning bolts.

The Colonel