Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DTWC Meeting: Rib-tastic

Ribs cooked with the Laphroaig BBQ sauce

Thank you to all the members that attended the latest DTWC Meeting at my house on Saturday evening. A special mention is reserved for The Baron who had the fantastic idea of cooking ribs in the Laphroaig BBQ sauce. We first tasted the BBQ sauce at the excellent Laphroaig Live last year.

The ribs were demolished, so I think it is fair to say they went down well.

The whisky of the evening was the Bunnahabhain 18yr old. Having only tried the 15yr old before, I was very pleasantly surprised with the whisky. A large, full flavour with a nice finish. El Capitan certainly seemed to enjoy it, hugging the bottle closely. At one point I thought we might be in for another scene like the first whisky night when the Talisker 10yr old went down a bit too well!

The hoped for fireworks display, courtesy of Darling Harbour, provided a great conclusion to the evening.

I'll post of review of the Bunnahabhain over the coming week and I'm sure either The Baron or myself will post of review of the Laphroaig BBQ sauce we well.

The Converted