Saturday, January 7, 2012

Homemade Damson Whisky

For my final Dramcember post I found some Damson Whisky in my parents cupboard. A family friend had made it and given them a small bottle. Beer making is popular in the DTWC, but I don't thing anyone has tried whisky yet!

In a similar concept to Sloe Gin I believe they must have steeped damsons (a type of plum) in pre-purchased whisky.

Provenance: Totally unknown

Colour: Amber with reddish tones. Quite unlike the colour of any other whisky I have seen.

Nose: Heaps of fruit. Plums and err... damsons.

Taste: Very syrupy, sugar must have been added. Again the fruit dominates. I didn't detect any flavours from the underlying whisky.

The sweetness made this the dessert wine of whiskies. It's an interesting concept to add flavours to a whisky which I think has potential. The damson whisky was too sweet for me, but milder and less sweet flavours could be interesting.

The Converted