Saturday, January 7, 2012

Homemade Damson Whisky

For my final Dramcember post I found some Damson Whisky in my parents cupboard. A family friend had made it and given them a small bottle. Beer making is popular in the DTWC, but I don't thing anyone has tried whisky yet!

In a similar concept to Sloe Gin I believe they must have steeped damsons (a type of plum) in pre-purchased whisky.

Provenance: Totally unknown

Colour: Amber with reddish tones. Quite unlike the colour of any other whisky I have seen.

Nose: Heaps of fruit. Plums and err... damsons.

Taste: Very syrupy, sugar must have been added. Again the fruit dominates. I didn't detect any flavours from the underlying whisky.

The sweetness made this the dessert wine of whiskies. It's an interesting concept to add flavours to a whisky which I think has potential. The damson whisky was too sweet for me, but milder and less sweet flavours could be interesting.

The Converted


  1. That is what you get for raiding the parents booze stash. The bottle looks suspiciously like a maple syrup jar I have in my cupboard.

    Plum infused whisky is quite popular in Japan. In fact anything with plum in it tends to be popular in Japan.

  2. Thanks for sharing. I tried some home made whisky years ago which was pretty rough. But I now wish I'd blogged about it so I had some record.