Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The King is dead, long live the king! - Wrapping what was 2011 and looking at what will be.

Yes it has all once again come to a close but not without some fruitful posts and comments to bolster our little blog. To our merry men in tights Thank You!

Our last event for the year, Dramcember, is also now done. A fine effort with 10 posts in all for the D.T.W.C. blog, and it was good to see others globally sharing in Dramcember too.

In closing the year off as well our little blog site is growing from strength to strength. Overall we are now rating over 1800+ hits a month which is rather big for a group of illiterate (and some would say illegitimate) scholars such as ourselves.
Looking pretty at the end of 2011
To all those unknown readers out there we also we say thanks for the look in and cheers for the comments. We hope we have inspired others to lofty whisky heights in forming their you own clubs.

Topping off the greatest hits as of January 2012 are as follows:

1. Ballantine's Finest: Sweet Ballantine!
2. The Whisky Flavour Map
3. Lagavulin 12yo Natural Cask Strength
4. Tragedy of the Loch: Loch Lomond Single Malt
5. Keep On Walking – Johnnie Walker Black Label Aged 12 Years

Other news is the years tally for new posts reached was 78. Bravo! The devilishly handsome Baron has passed the 100 post mark since our humble beginning with the Colonel following a close second with 26 posts.

The club also saw itself represented at Laphroaig Live Sydney 2011 which was an outstanding event with good food, good times and great whisky flowing all evening long. Thanks again to John Campbell Distillery manager at Laphroaig, and Mark Gillespie of Whisky Cast for the rare as hens teeth tickets.

We saw the girls get a start with their own Married To The Whisky Club blog and even had a cheeky official meeting thrown into the mix leaving us chaps to mind the kids and do the driving. "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

It is good to see some healthy home brew swapping also taking hold in the club. We should all be more aware of the virtues of 'undistilled' whisky in all it's forms.

The Diplomat, previously known as The Surgeon, previously know as The Secretary has also provided a spreadsheet of joy and wonder for us to behold outlining statistically what we a posting about. (Note these stats are based as of late Fed 2011)

The drams we have reviewed geographically

I want to say a big thanks to The Oak Barrel Sydney for Whisky Fair as well. A swell time with an awesome selection of whiskies on show. Hope to see it again this coming year 2012.

Last but not least The Dog has yet again managed to wrangle his way out of being an event host. It will happen Dog, oh yes it will happen! On that note it is becoming a scramble for members willing to host our events so if you have it in mind to take up the gauntlet we might just have to plan out the entire coming year and appoint a 'Keeper Of The Calendar'.

Thanks again to all involved and hopefully we will see some new club members join the ranks in the coming months (but not too many).

Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more!
The (Devilishly Handsom) Baron