Sunday, January 8, 2012

Oban 14yo - Oban won Konobi

I recently re-visited this highland malt at a whisky tasting and was most impressed. It was at that moment I knew I needed to own a bottle. I have decided I must appreciate each distilleries signature expression in the hope it will make me a better whisky taster-er.

Oban 14yo, definitely a 'classic' malt.
The Oban distillery is owned by Diageo and forms part of their Classic Malts range. I know several members have owned bottles, so look forward to their appreciative comments.

The packing is great, a long slender elegant tube encases a similarly long and narrow bottle and neck. It has the same wooden-topped cork as found on the Lagavulin, a particular favourite whisky of mine.

On the nose: I get similar notes as found in Ballantines Finest and 12yo (previously reviewed here & here). This seems odd I know, but I get the same mix of sweet-richness, some liquorice and a dried fruit sweetness coming through. There is also a very mild seaweed / salty air. Its quite alcoholic to whiff, so don't bury that nose too deep.

Moving to the taste: its very lively for a 14yo, with a wall of salty zestiness hitting you immediately. This is followed by some caramel sweetness, carefully shrouded in a kiss of smoke. Ends nicely, with some woody notes coming through. I found the more you have (as with most whisky's) the mellower it gets, with the honey-sweetness and smoke settling in nicely after a few drams. You could whisky the night away with this bottle with ease.

On the much sort after D.T.W.C. lightning bolt rating scale, I would have to place this in the 5.75 range (out of seven). I am still yet to taste many of the signature malts from the classic distilleries, but I would definitely purchase this again.

A happy and belated Dramcember to all.

The Diplomat