Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Talisker Trio – Part 3 : Talisker 57º North

Talisker 57º North
The final review in this series is the Talisker 57º North.  This is a cask strength bottling and as the name suggests it weighs in at a hefty 57% abv.

Talisker 57º North Cask Strength
Alcohol: 57%
Location/Region: Isle of Skye, Scotland

Nose: Fragrant pou pouri. Again straw and hay notes, which seems to be typical of the Talisker range.  Light phenol notes as well.

Taste: Liquorice notes on the palette, as well as sweet candy. There is quite a bit of pepper and spiciness.   I can definitely taste the alcohol – pass the water please. This is a nice whisky though.

Finish: Boring on the finish. Let’s say a medium finish, not overly strong, but doesn’t fade away immediately. Pleasant enough, without being memorable.

I do find this whisky a little overpowering for me, and need to add a little water to even it out. Saying that, it is a nice whisky which I would recommend you try. The Grey Bush had a bottle of it which I tried some time back, and as I recall I enjoyed it then. 5 out of 7 lightning bolts for me.

El Capitan


  1. Nice one. I found it overly intense even though I like the big booty whiskies. I think the Talisker 10yo is a really nice balance out of all the Talisker expressions.

  2. Interesting! I generally like high-strength, but I find that I'd rather have a standard bottling over a cask-strength that needs water, because added water never seems to do the right thing. I love Talisker 10, but maybe I should just stay there.