Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Grant's Ale Cask Whisky

Thanks to Emma Barnitt from Weber Shandwick for sending me a sample of the recently released Grant's Ale Cask whisky to try.

Grant's claim they are producing the only Ale Cask Scotch whisky in the world. Although I wouldn't say that I could taste or smell beer, the whisky definitely had a distinct flavour. One which I enjoyed.

I'd imagined Grant's were buying ale casks from a brewery rather than using traditional bourbon barrels. However, after a bit of research it sounds like they put beer into their bourbon casks for 30 days to flavour the wood. Grant's then add the whisky back into the barrel, maturing it for an additional four months.

I wonder if they sell the beer when it comes out of the bourbon casks?

The whisky is available in Dan Murphy's at $40 a bottle putting it head to head with likes of Johnnie Walker Black Label. So how does it shape up?

Grant's Ale Cask
Region: Blend
Alcohol: 40%

Colour: Golden straw

Nose: There was a sophisticated / full nose. Cereal, touch of tropical fruit.

Palate: Creamy, drying. A little bit of malt, but not obviously beery. Surprisingly smooth for the price.

Finish: Long. Slightly bitter?

Overall I thought this was a pretty good blend for the price. It is more complex, has a more interesting character and none of the harshness that it's main rival Johnnie Walker Black has. If I had $40 to spend on a bottle of whisky I know where my money would be.

The easy drinking yet interesting nature, reminded me of the Aberlour 10yr old I tasted over Christmas.

If I had to give a dram I'd say four lightening bolts out of seven.

If you wanted to taste the new Grant's whiskies for yourself the excellent Oak Barrel are hosting a tasting event next Thursday 8th March. Tickets are $25, check out the website for details.

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