Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Loving You Long Time – The Jura Mystery Sample (Elixir)

The mystery sample of Jura Elixir
Jura held a small competition recently asking "The secret to a long and prosperous life is…". No knocking back an opportunity I submitted my answer: "Always ensure your bottle of Jura is half full and never half empty". Pure genius! To my amazement I actually won. Unfortunately due to certain laws Jura were not allowed to post me out the sample to Australia. Luckily a fellow club member The Converted was in the UK at Christmas and graciously offered to schlep back the sample bottle to my sweaty palms.

This is actually a sample dram of the new Jura Elixir (at the time unnamed and unreleased). I have posted in the past about 2 other Jura expression readily available in Aus, these being Jura Origin, and Jura Superstition and enjoyed them both.

Yes I do think I am developing assort spot for this girl. Palms itching and clammy I opened the sample cautiously.

Nose: Soft florals on the senses at first then deep wafts of oranges, ginger and salty sea air. It took me a while to recognise the ginger and I had to sit contemplating for sometime before rushing to the fridge to scratch the surface of the ginger root to confirm. Quite extraordinary and oh so appealing.

Taste: It all moves to the back of the pallet very quickly with not much on up front. A slight tingle on the tip of the tongue and the lips develops 20 seconds in. The flavour at first is a little barn yardy but the sweetness of florals, zest of the oranges, and the heat of the ginger quickly takes over. This is a whisky that tastes almost just like it smells. I like it a lot.

Finish: I would have to say this is a medium finish. The flavour dissipates quickly in the throat and a medium heat fills the chest. Quite velvety going down with enough warmth to keep you comfortable.

Balance: This whisky tends to lean on the deep flavours in a more one sided way, but that just makes the pallet smacking for more. Certainly this whisky would go well over a meal or a great starter to a late evening snack. Some would criticise the whisky for this marginal one sidedness but I say to flip them the bird and take their dram for yourself. Well worth a purchase if you can get it.

Loving this long after the sample is now gone, if I was to give a dram 6 out of 7 with some real craftsmanship and love obvious form the get go.

Thanks to Jura and The Willie's for the sample. Even though it was quiet small, by only a single dram, I am of course appreciative none-the-less for this unique opportunity.

Should I have kept the sample unopened and squirrelled it away as a bit of a collectors item? Probably but then I would not have been able to taste it which is what whisky is all about. So heres to hopefully seeing this whisky on the shelves in Aus soon.

The Baron

D.T.W.C. was supplied a sample for review. All views and opinions are our own unless otherwise stated.