Monday, April 23, 2012

Sipping Your Modo - This is not a whisky post

iphone shot at Sip Your Modo. Things would have looked better if wife did not kill our camera lens.

Yesterday we had the fortune to have won some tickets to attend the Sip Your Modo: Australian flavours, Italian style. Though this post may not actually be about whisky at all I do think it appropriate to get something up simply because it was so much damn fun, plus our tickets were won through a small comp held by local blogger Corinne of Gourmantic. We have seen Gourmantic around the traps several times now at various whisky events so that is close enough to justify getting this post up. Being a good husband I drag by worse half (kicking and screaming) along as her interest in wines and port blog: Married To The Whisky Club seemed to make her the appropriate choice (an afternoon without the kids also was an attractive offer that could not be passed).

Over a 3 hour period we sipped and ate our way through 30+ different wines from various Australia vineyards growing Italian origin grape varieties. These estates namely were: Brown Brothers, Coriole, Crittenden Estate, Dal Zotto, De Bortoli, Di Lusso Estate, Oliver's Taranga, Pizzini and Tintilla Estate.

Pucino Prosecco by the Dal Zotto = delicious
Most notably we were greeted with a stunning introduction into the world of the Prosecco grape variety. By far also our most favourite wine of the day was also the Pucino Prosecco by the Dal Zotto estate. An extremely poppy sparkling white with highlights of lemon sherbet and a dazzling creamy mouse head when poured. Yum! There was several other Prosecco expressions around the traps leaning from dry to sweet but the balance in the Dal Zotto still came out on top. Keep an eye out for this variety in general at your local bottle shop as I think it has an exciting future here in Australia.

Our lucky winnings
Continuing on our lucky streak as we arrived we filled in a entry for some lucky door prizes. To our surprise we actually won 3 bottles of Pinocchio wine by Crittenden Estate. Certainly these wines were enjoyable and had a real playful nature about them but the sweetness is a little extreme to our tastes.

Some nice olive oils and olives were on show as well and a great live jazz band played through the whole afternoon. The vineyards were more than generous with their servings, more often than not filling half a glass. 5 glasses in I was asking for small tasting samples or I would not be standing by the end. There was a definite lack of spittoons to be found but even so the crowd was very well behaved considering you either drunk everything in your glass or tipped it on the floor.

Thanks again to Gourmantic again for the winning tickets and thanks to Sip Your Modo for the show.

The Baron