Tuesday, May 29, 2012

D.T.W.C at The Grey Bush Manor

The Unclean at his cleanest

Saturday, 28th April marked the much awaited D.T.W.C meeting at The Grey Bush Manor. For the six members + one guest (Michael, guest of the Baron) who undertook the long and arduous journey to Castle Hill they were well rewarded for their effort.

The meeting got underway just before six, with refreshments (the odd stubby or two) and some light food. As is customary, contact via Skype was established with fellow member The Diplomat (who now resides in Brisbane) including pre-posted sample dram in hand, and the official meeting of the DTWC was underway.

The host whisky was placed on the table and all were asked to pour a dram and lively discussion followed as to the identity of the chosen liquor. All members are sufficiently attuned to the finer whiskys so they quickly narrowed the liquor down to the Islay Region. After much mulling, (and half the bottle drunk) the identity of the whisky was revealed.

The whisky was a Lagavulin single malt, special release limited edition Distillers Edition (1995). Once the formalities were over the members sat down to a sumptuous dinner of Vienna Schnitzel, Cooked in the traditional Polish way by Malwina, the Grey Bush's mother-in-law. The meal was an obvious success (as attested by the applause Malwina got when she walked through the dining room). When the formal part of the evening was complete all members retired to see how many different types of whisky they could sample. The beauty of these meetings is that each person brings along a bottle of whatever whisky they are drinking at that time, and places it on the table for all members to try. As all members drink quality whisky, this tasting session is an absolute hit.

Some time that night, (I have trouble remembering what time the meeting broke up) the members called upon their designated drivers (ie. their wives) and so the DTWC meeting came to a close.

The next meeting of the DTWC has been tentatively set with The Alchemist as the host.

The Grey Bush