Thursday, June 7, 2012

St Patrick's Day and a Tullamore Dew

Tullamore Dew Original

Now with St Patrick's day well and gone it is time look back briefly on what some of us DTWC club members got up to for an excuse to appreciate whisky.

These days I always aim to have a St Patrick's day dinner for family at the humble abode of The Woolery tartan. This years as with previous both The Grey Bush and El Capitan with wives and children in tow attended. Let us not forget also The Converted also was welcomed to the table (as cramped as it was).

Yes this little dinner we have is more an excuse to spend one day a year dedicating out taste buds to Irish Whisky but it is also an excuse to cook up a tasty meal for all. This year I went against the grain of the Beef and Gushiness Pies and instead made a rope of pork, beef, barley and whisky sausages, supported buy a balsamic vinegar gravy, boiled cabbage, and a round of bubble and squeak. The Converted brought to the table a freshly baked loaf of sour dough, while El Capitan delivered green ice cream and cup cakes, while the Grey Bush provided an additional mixed box of beer and irish liqueur. Not to be forgotten a bottle of Tullamore Dew (review below) was the table whisky of choice, while lashings of Guinness and Kilkenny were passed around.

The Grey Bush, El Capitan, and The Converted
Overall a good night was had by all, though a week of reminding still saw The Grey Bush arrive almost 2hrs late even though he lives 2min down the road but the additional carton of beer made up for it.

With all too few irish whiskies available in Australia I imagine doing this once a year for the next 10 years should be long enough to exhausted all unique tasting options.

I urge all club members to try this and that way the wife cannot complain about that additional bottle of whisky you just purchased.

Tullamore Dew Original
Triple Distilled, Blended Irish Whiskey (No age statement)
Location/region: Ireland
Alcohol: 40%

Before beginning it is worth noting that Tullamore Dew is a Pot Still Irish Whisky. It uses both malted and unmalted barley as well as being tripled distilled. The age of whiskies in the Original are between 4 to 7 years old.

Colour:Very clean/pure golden straw.

Nose: Very light florals, vanilla creams and butters, with some peaking citrus in the alcohol. I would certainly not say the citrus is in the forefront as some have quoted on the nose. It is quite pleasant overall.

Taste: A sharp sting to the tip of the tongue with the butters and creams reminiscent of the nose. Mid hints of mint spice but depth of flavour is shallow and edging towards stretched. Much more spicy on the edges of the pallet but it lacks the staying power I enjoy.

The finish is spicy and warming but diminishes rather quickly.

Overall I think this is a nice dram but lacks true complexity to excite my pallet. I can easily see someone being introduced to whisky enjoying this and or someone not wanting to feel like you have a plumb in your mouth for a good few minutes after each dram. Interestingly enough after one or 2 sips a real charred wood scents develops on the nose not noted on first nosing.

Overall if I was to give a dram I would give this 3 3/4 out of 7.

The Baron