Monday, July 9, 2012

A brief story in knowing your whisky

Here is a brief story I thought to share.

Being whisky enthusiasts I am sure you all, at one time or another have introduced friends or family to the world of the Single Malt. I am also sure you have had mixed responses from "that's nice' to throat throttling comments like "it would taste better with Coke in it".

In my family whisky has been something consumed by my Grand Mother and Mother for a long time but it has always been in small amounts and along the lines of a Johnnie Walker Red or Black Douglas. I remember always visiting my Grand Mothers and seeing a bottle of JW on the high shelf. A few years ago I decided to slip my mother a few drams here and there and see what she thought. Always the response has been good with her tastes always leaning towards the peated Islay's. In noting that I have purchased her a few peated bottles here and there from for her cupboard (always good to ensure stocks of good whisky are on hand when visiting), yet always strived to give her something new to taste each visit.

On a recent visit by my Mother I thought to hand her a dram of Sulivan's Cove (one of the finest Australian whiskies in my books) and see what she thought. It is good to note at this stage Sulivan's Cove is no minor whisky with heavy notes of spices, saltanas, and port. To my amazement her first comment was "mmmmmm it's ok, but why does it not taste like and Ardbeg. I like that better". Wow I thought... well there is no need for further education it would seem.

Not that this is an overly riveting story by any standard but it is just something nice to mention and share as I am sure we can all relate to a similar experience at one time or another.

The Baron