Monday, October 8, 2012

Hope to see you soon – Jack Daniel's Unaged Tennessee Rye

An official look at the Jack Daniel's Unaged Tennessee Rye
For the first time in 100 years Jack Daniel's is releasing a new expression/recipe to its line up, an Unaged Rye. Clearly a lead up to an eventual release of an aged rye sometime in the future I can only assume this white dog is still good to go now. I can only find the merest of comment about it on the web but Whisky Cast had an interview with Master Distiller Jeff Arnett of Jack Daniel's so I recommend a listen to Episode 392 for any wanting to know more from an official source.

As the time of posting this there is yet to be seen any comment on this new product on the official Jack Daniel's website.

Mark Gillespie of Whisky Cast left these facts via the Whisky Cast Facebook site:
1. It's the first time that Jack Daniel's has released a new recipe in 100 years. 
2. The traditional Jack mashbill is very light on Rye, and they decided if they were going to try something different, they needed to amp up the Rye content. 
3: It may well be the only "white whiskey" that goes through the Lincoln County charcoal filtration process...I just tasted it, and it may be the most drinkable "white whiskey" I've ever had. No rough flinty edges that many new makes have, and a lot of sweetness. This is the foundation for an aged version that will be coming out in several years...they haven't decided how long the barrels they've laid down will stay in the warehouses.
As stated on the label (as seen above) Jack Daniel's Tennessee Rye is a unaged rye mash at 40% Alc / 80 Proof. At 40% alcohol this white dog is clearly watered down which will be interesting in itself to taste. My previous experiences with new make spirits (yes it is not actually called whisky yet legally) is crazy lolly water you would never know was so high in alcohol making it rather dangerous to have around for general consumption.

I really hope to see this hit Aussie shores sometime soon.

The Baron

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