Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I can't compare but... – Highland Park 1994

Highland Park 1994
I'm new to the whole whiskey thing but I had heard good things about Highland Park so I was interested to try one so I asked the wife to grab the Highland Park 1994 during one of her international trips.

Highland Park 1994
Location/Region: Kirkwall, Orkney, Scotland
Style: Single Malt
Alcohol: 40%
Available: Global Travel Retail / Duty Free

It came in nice smart packing and smelled great which for me is important sometimes more so than the taste but that's just me I think.

It had a caramel smokey aroma with slight nutty smell in the background like almonds I guess. Some of the other guys in the group commented on a cherry smell as well which upon a second look I would agree with as well.

After all the sniffing and smelling and dancing etc everyone grabbed a glass and most were underwhelmed by the taste. Personally I haven't tried any other Highland Park so I can't compare but I will say that of the small amount of whiskey's I have tried it wasn't my favourite, though I digress, taste or palate wise it had a slight caramel taste wound into a dry fruity taste that some members mentioned also had a cinnamon after taste. One thing I did agree with was that while it was underwhelming to the palate it was a drink you could run through easily as it was very smooth and had a warm smokey finish to it.

Overall if I had to rate it on the Hogworts wizard scale I would give it a 7.5 out of 10 as the type of whiskey to enjoy while zoning out after dealing with Potter and Wheasly all day. In other words something to drink casually not specially occasions a smooth drop you can enjoy without really thinking about it. Don't know if it's worth the price though as you need a place ticket to get it or a magic robe like me that allows you access to the airport.

Oh and a few people myself included thought it tasted better with a drop of water.