Thursday, June 27, 2013

Gotta get some – “The Bushmills” Whiskey Barrel Sunglasses

“The Bushmills” Whiskey Barrel Sunglasses. Image from website.
Over the years I have seen many things made from whisky casks. In my search this morning for something totally unrelated I encountered this website Experiment With Nature by Shwood and Bodega in Portland Oregon USA. Luckily I had linked straight to the “The Bushmills” Whiskey Barrel Sunglasses or I would have missed it. What a nice concept to have come to realisation, so I thought I had to just post it here. As to if I can ever get my hands on some and or actually see them person we shall yet see. None-the-less below is a very neat movie on the products creation.

"The Bushmills" by Shwood and Bodega from Shwood Eyewear on Vimeo.

The website states:
Shwood has joined forces with BUSHMILLS Irish Whiskey and Boston, MA boutique, Bodega on a limited run of Shwood’s “Canby” frame style, crafted from genuine BUSHMILLS Irish Whiskey barrels.   Limited to 100 pieces, the White Oak used for the frames dates back over 100 years.  The eyewear is packaged in a custom wooden whiskey crate, with a crowbar to pry it open and get the 
Be sure to check out some other very nifty production in the Shywoodshop. Enjoy.

The Baron