Thursday, July 4, 2013

An Ardbeg Characterture – Ogma & Buel

So what is going on with Ardbeg these days. Surely in the last 12 months especially we have seen a considerable lift in the whiskies profile with new and experimental releases to fun events and entertaining promotions. Also in the last 2 years we have seen not only a change in the base line expressions of Ardbeg yet also now an explosion of experimental profiles to liven up any family. It is also clear some real cash injections have been happening in the entire Marketing and PR approach with some really high quality yet fundamentally pointless promotions about the brand in general. All in the name of fun indeed and isn't that what makes Ardbeg so loveable in the public eye.

Maybe it is just me being a graphic designer but Ardbeg to me has always been a little on the quirky side when it comes to their public profile. With the recent completion of Ardbog Day, Adbeg has quickly moved on with a new marketing launch accompanied by another tantalising short film that introduces us to the “Peat Heads” - Ogma and Buel.

Who is Ogma and Buel? According to the Ardblog:
Ogma is the fountain of all Ardbeggian knowledge and Buel just loves to chat about his love for whisky, Islay and all things Ardbeg.
You can read the complete description of Ogma and Buel on the Ardblog but effectively Ogma is knowledgeable in Ardbeg's history, production and processes. Buel is the ever passionate Tell, always keen for a chat and knowledgeable in all Ardbeg stories and folk lore. These specific profiles define how you will interact with them in the future socially.

What we really are seeing here is social media character development to represent some facet of the Ardbeg Committee and the passion all Ardbeggians have to the whisky. To expand this social step Ogma and Buel have even been given Ardbeg twitter hash tags so you may ask questions and follow responses while being introduced to new things you may not know about Ardbeg. These tags are: #Ogma and #Buel. If your not already following Ardbeg in twitter their address @ardbeg_com.

How long will Ogma and Buel they last is yet to be seen and can they hold up to the Ardbeg mascot Shortie dog?  I am sure these chaps will be our faces for at least some years to come and if not it will be a fun ride regardless in the short term.

The Baron

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