Monday, July 29, 2013

Whisky 101 - Dan Murphy's The World Of Whisky

Dan Murphy's - The World Of Whisky
This week we see a special promotional rag release by Dan Murphy's called Dan Murphy's Discovery Guide: The World Of Whisky. Now I am not one for making a note too much about things like this but honestly this is pretty well put together piece. Spanning 36 printed pages including cover this full colour rustic designed guide actually has some reasonably good material in it and if you not that knowledgable about whisky, need the short hand version of it, or just want to get someone else you know to get a handle on it then grab yourself a few copies of this  to keep on hand for the future.

Admittedly the tasting guides provided are all about sales of the products they retail but there are some great key facts for the amateur and experienced alike with many a note to jump online for a follow up video. Certainly even though the smaller retailers will claim Dan Murphy's is killing the market on a competitive level the fact this doc is getting such a wide release Australia wide can only mean a spike in sales for everyone. Unfortunately the Australian section gets one meager page which is a real travesty considering the support our local industry needs but then this is about what they sell and I am sure vendor funded as well (though I have no means to back that comment up).

Just one of many dedicated pages to the education of whisky
From start to finish we see a good sum of education material about whisky in general, regions, ways of  production, brands, cocktails, how to drink whisky, and food pairing. I hope they are making this brochure mandatory reading for staff and if not ensure ample copies are always made available at the whisky shelves for the foreseeable future.

Dan Murphy's has been making some keen headway in the last 2 years into promoting and marketing whisky in general. It has been good to see as they have certainly brought to market Whisky at a more acceptable price for general releases than what we have seen from the specialist importers and stockists. Though my local Dan Murphy's really has no one knowledgeable about whisky (I have been asked many a time to assist a customer while visiting the store. Yes they know me well at the local) I still make a weekly visit to see what might be appearing on the shelves.

Good on Dan Murphy's for publishing this, I will be keeping a few copies for myself.

The Baron