Thursday, August 8, 2013

A Brief Interview – Alice Parsons and The Lore Of Whisky

The Lore Of Whisky by Alice Parsons
This month 22nd August we see a local author Alice Parsons release a new book title The Lore Of Whisky. Published by Jane Curry Publishing, The Lore Of Whisky is a 144 page Hardback that "pays homage to the mysterious world of whisky".

Alice is a Sydney based author and will be having the book launch hosted at sydney's World Of Whisky store. Of course launching a whisky book in a whisky store, with some top class chaps knowledgeable in all things whisky is of course exactly how it should be, but you cannot have the cake without the cream. We will also seeing Bill Lark or Mark Nicholson of Lark Distillery flying in to break the champagne across the bow so to speak.

If you would like to attend the event please use the details below as released by the World Of Whisky:

22nd August at 6.30pm - 8.30pm
World Of Whisky, The Cosmopolitan Centre
2-22 Knox St, Double Bay

RSVP to: Alice Parsons

Only recently finding out about this book and launch via an email newsletter through World Of Whisky, it intrigued me enough to get an RSVP in and at the same time get in contact with Alice to ask a few questions so that people like you, club members, and myself can get a bit more informed prior. I have not seen a copy of the book personally so cannot comment on the contents or what to expect outside of Alice's responses in full below:

Tell us a little about yourself?

I am a family person who is passionate about writing.  Passionate too about my husband, four children and two dogs. 

Where are you from?

I was born in New York, raised in England and have very happily spent the last 30 years here in Australia.

How long have you been involved in whisky and how did it happen?

I have enjoyed drinking whisky all my adult life. My parents drank it when they were younger, and their parents before them. But while it is in the blood you could say, I only turned my curiosity to it seriously last year.

What inspired you to write the book and when did the journey to do this occur?

I wrote a book, 'The Magic of Tea' a couple of years ago and when discussing with my publisher last year what might follow, the idea of writing about whisky came to me - a sort of lightbulb moment - entirely unpremeditated. Everyone liked the idea and I ran with it.

Tell us a little about the book and what to expect out of it?

It is a book that I hope will be enjoyed by those who already know their subject well, and also those who don't. In brief I explore the mediaeval origins of whisky and its evolution in Ireland, Scotland and Europe. Then I travel right across the world to the exciting emergence of whisky production in present day Australia. On the way I give due attention to the American story of whisk(e)y and bourbon. Further I reference a wide range of whiskies, but in no way intend to make the work a catalogue or encyclopaedia. I couldn't manage that even if I wanted! I look at what I call the nitty-gritty of whisky production, also the etiquette, jargon and mystique surrounding it. I include a number of curious and hopefully amusing anecdotes, quotes, recipes and cocktails all related to the much admired magical spirit.

Why launch it in Sydney and at The World Of Whisky?

Sydney is home and it is where the book is first being published. David, Ivan and Larry at the World of Whisky have all helped me extensively with my research and patiently answered all my questions. They have been invaluable friends during the process of the book's development and so it seems only right to launch 'The Lore of Whisky' with them. 

How is Lark distillery involved?

I travelled to Tasmania in January and met Bill Lark and his team and indeed some of his family. I was warmly welcomed by everyone and had the pleasure of touring Lark Distillery and sharing a tasting at their cellar door with some friends with whom I was travelling. I asked BIll if he would consider reading my manuscript and checking it for errors and he graciously agreed to do so. Then when I asked him if he might consider writing the foreword he magnanimously agreed. He has even gone as far as to say, 'It's the book about whisky that needed to be written" making this modest author very proud indeed.

I will be attending the event and would encourage anyone in the Sydney region that can make it to Double Bay to do the same as it is not that often we see a book about whisky launched so local. Thanks to Alice for her responses and hope to see you on the night.

The Baron

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