Thursday, August 22, 2013

That Little Creature - Mr Obadiah Rye Porter

Mr Obadiah Rye Porter
When we are not talking about whisky we are talking about our favourite undistilled whisky: Beer. So let us get one thing straight this post is about beer, in fact it is about a beer I had last night and have been saving for a few weeks. Last night was cold, windy, and the fireplace was roaring so I figured it was never a better time to open my 568ml bottle of Little Creatures Mr Obadiah Rye Porter.

Mr Obadiah Rye Porter is a limited edition beer that barely made release news. Many bottle shops saw nothing more than 5 or 6 total hit their shelves before the coffer was dry. Founded in 2000 and originally brewed exclusively in Fremantle, Western Australia, Little Creatures is no longer that boutique independent brewer it once was but it has not necessarily effected their experimentation and limited runs from time to time. Though bigger and ever expanding they still have small ideas that become great brews. The name Little Creatures specially pays respect to the free floating yeast that remains in the brew when bottled or legged. A fiend of a home brewer myself I get the whole yeast thing and whenever something new from these bad boys hits the shelves I get stuck in.

So what is so special about this brew? Well effectively it is a Rye Potter. Rye is a cereal grain cultivated around the Bronze age and seen as the domesticated precursor of barley and wheat. Though not seen in the Scottish Whiskies, Rye plays a big part in American and Canadian whiskies but an even bigger part in the beer scene the world over (but not so much in Australia. Pity.). Rye tends to have a dry spicy taste and works exceptionally well in dark malts such as Porters and Stouts (many will say they are the same thing). Without going into even more details about the love of Rye breads, it is safe to say Rye delivers a unique character not always enjoyed by those with a milder pallets.

The first pour
Cracking on, yes I opened my one and only bottle last night for my tasting pleasure and as what follows is how I found it.

Mr Obadiah Rye Porter
Brewer: Little Creatures
Alcohol: 6.9%
Location/Region: Fremantle, Western Australia
Limited Edition

Colour: Cola. Not much else to say really. Light could not penetrate except a brown corona on the edge of the glass.

Nose: Smokey chocolates. Very pleasant and crisp while being lighter than expected.

Taste: The dark malts really started to get make headway over the nose. Dark dry chocolates, rich burnt brown sugars, coffees and dried oregano.

Finish: The bitter spices were made apparent on swallowing but still contained an edge of burnt brown sugars. A real tacky chew remained on in the mouth for a good time after.

Overall: I really enjoyed it but it needs to be cut with a chewy bread or sharp cheddar. Not a beer to drink on its own if you can help it and the high alcohol hits you pretty hard and fast. I had a real hankering for a port wine after. Bubbles were large but effervescent throughout while the head dissipated quickly. 6 out of 7 if I was to give a dram.

The Baron