Thursday, September 26, 2013

Changing Attitudes – Glen Moray 10yo Chardonnay Cask Matured

Glen Moray 10yo Chardonnay Cask Matured
So in recent past you would have read my article on the Glen Moray 25yo Sydney Launch already. As part of that event I was introduced to the Glen Moray 10yo Chardonnay Cask Matured expression which I was until that time not aware it was even out. Honestly though I had paid little attention to what what Glen Moray was releasing as my past experiences were not that great. This is a real eye opener and it just proves the point that things change and you should always give new things and old a go. So in saying that I urge you to dispel all things you may have formed about Glen Moray and try, and try again. In this case really get out there and try the Glen Moray 10yo Chardonnay Cask Matured while you can still find it.

Glen Moray Distillery has transferred into new hands for a couple of years and it would seem this turn of events has only done good things for that "unloved" distally previously owned by Glenmorangie. Now owned by French liquor company La Martiniquaise we have seen a host of new expressions reach our shores.

What can be said about the Glen Moray Chardonnay Cask Matured in a few short words: Excellent, value for money, delicious, a daily dram hard to match.

As the name suggests Chardonnay casks play a major part in the process or creating this expression. Aged in 100% French Burgundy Chardonnay casks, a real unique enticing flavour profile has been created I do not think anyone would be disappointed in. I am a big fan of the Glenlivet 12yo for a daily dram but I have to say this expression is coming in a close second.

Glen Moray 10yo Chardonnay Cask Matured
Distillery: Glen Moray
Location: Speyside, Scotland
Matured: French Burgundy Chardonnay Casks
Alcohol: 40%
Colour: Golden Straw

Nose: Sweet apples, florals, toffees, and toasted fresh oak. An almost effervescent bicarb soda high raises the sense on a deep sniff. Obviously I love nosing this one.

Taste: Really smooth honey cream rolls across the pallet, and very light around the mouth before a clear heavy dry spice takes over towards the back of the throat possibly a bit like white pepper. Very soon your pallet begins to bubble and prick from tip to tail.

Finish: Long and dry giving a good balance to the initial sweet introduction.

Overall I will easily give this a 6 out of 7. Amazing quality while being great value for money at around $45AU. Containing all the nuances of a Speyside with a crisp poppies all its own. Balance is excellent from one extreme to the next which makes you settle between drams.

Before I complete this post it is worth seeing what Graham Coull, distillery Manager at Glen Moray has to say about this whisky. Though this movie is displayed as part of Dan Murphy's it was actually filmed just before the tasting I had attended only a short time after. Graham is a great man to chat to and has a real passion for Glen Moray especially considering he is only the 5th distillery manager in Glen Morays operational history.

Glen Moray 10yo Chardonnay Cask Matured is a fabulous whisky I urge you to go out and try. Maybe even make it your Dramcember agenda item.

The Baron


  1. Nice review Das Baron. I tried this whisky at Whisky Live and found it to be a little too oaky and buttery for me...the Chardonnay influence is heavy. However, I am reluctant to rely on any tasting that involves hundreds of smelly men packed into a confined space with little or no I might have to re-visit it. I wonder if its good with a drop of ice? Could be a great summer whisky.

  2. Should I get Glen Moray 10 or Bruichladdich 10? Price is no issue. Thinking Glen so I can drink it straight away and keep going to it. I've read Glen Moray character has a Boiled Sweet quality. Does this mean it coats and fills the mouth like a boiled Sweet? Online says Moray 10 has some fresh oak notes too! So many lower coat spirits can have this unpleasent scorhed oak with this strange caramal tea bag taste.

  3. I think your over complicating the whole thing. If price is no issue then get both to try. They are completely different whiskies from completely different regions using completely different casks and varied making methods. Only you can decide if you enjoy the taste profiles. If you were to ask should you get the Glen Moray 12yo or the Glen Moray Chardonnay Cask then I will certainly say the Chardonnay Cask for taste and value for money. If you were to ask should you get the Bruichladdich Laddie 10 or the Bruichladdich Rocks I would say the Laddie 10 as it has a much more developed flavour while rocks is very light and crisp.