Monday, December 16, 2013

Your Sweetness Is My Weakness - Glen Orrin Aged Thirty Years

Glen Orrin Aged Thirty Years

Anything aged 30 years involving alcohol evokes desire - aging something rubbish so long is akin to whisky heresy. There's an elevated expectation the glorious rare mummified contents of a 30 year old will be bordering on nectar from a unicorn.

Which is why the 30 year old blend Glen Orrin is an interesting proposition. It comes exclusively from Aldi Liquor supermarkets, they of the 'smarter shopping' brigade. A brave move to jump into the premium category from them but a question was lingering. Have they jumped into the token shallow end for a paddle or have thrown the floaties away and headed to the very crowded deep end with big duty free blended brands like Chivas and Johnny Walker?

Upon hearing the low price point of $99 my suspicion before pouring a dram was the former. There's a reassuringly expensive aspect of normal thirty year olds that for the uninitiated allows you to get what you pay for. So heresy was surely about be committed at under a hundred.

No crucifix needed it seems. Aldi have instead parked themselves not shallow, not deep but right in the middle of the whisky pool. A clever move that will reward you with most of the wonderful things a 30 years old possesses without the usual price sting. It's not complex. It is however, very drinkable.

This lack of complexity carries through everything from the packaging to the finish on the palette. But, not complex compared to what? For $300-400 I expect complexity, even for that price someone to pour it. Considered on its own it yields its own quiet rewards.

Can something be too smooth? Glen Orrin is distilled in copper pot stills and matured in oak casks, giving it almost too smooth a finish. Barry White would be loving this even from his grave.

Glen Orrin Aged 30 Years Blended Scotch Whisky Special Reserve
Distillery: Not Applicable
Alcohol: 40% alc vol.
Retailer: Exclusive to Aldi Liquor
Price: $99.99 AU

Glen Orrin has an overall sweetness with safe notes of vanilla and fruitcake, all rounded off at 40% alcohol.

It would be hard for a well versed palette to get excited by this, but I wouldn't imagine at normal 30 year old prices there would be many of them out there.

The Alchemist