Thursday, February 20, 2014

Chivas and a Hair Cut - Chivas Brothers meets QT Sydney

Chivas and a Haircut
Being the aspiring gentry we all want to be requires a clean up from time to time. What better way to enjoy a shave from a passionate barber than in the comfort of a day spa sipping a glass of whisky... that is sipping a glass of Chivas Regal whisky while someone else does all the work. The Barber Shop at SpaQ, situated in the QT Sydney Hotel on Market St, has teamed up with Chivas Brothers to bring you the ultimate grooming come whisky experience.

Luxe Supérieure Effet!
Monday 17th February 2014 saw the launch of this joint venture between spaQ and Chivas Brothers with a opening event combining tours of the SpaQ facility while sampling tasty nips of Chivas Regal. On arrival we were greeted in the narrow SpaQ foyer to a choice of refreshingly delicious Chivas Whisky Sours (salty!) or Chivas 12yo to 18yo were served with a selection of hot and cold canapés. For those wanting to get out of the temperate almost hot spring humidity of the foyer, caused by the crush of well to do bodies, one could exit to the adjacent dark and mysterious post treatment Relaxation Room. There to crooned by Ben Davidson while sipping a few tidy glasses of Chivas Regal 25yo served in the Riedel Crystal Chardonnay Glass giving the experience the ultimate Luxe Supérieure Effet! Note to The Proxy you would be well at home here on a daily basis.

The sauna foyer, whisky sours, familiar faces
If you found it possible to remove oneself from the chillaxation room, a guided tour of the facilities was on offer. Touring the facility (glass in hand) you would encounter the Barber Shop decked out as it might have been in the 1950's with tiled walls, ornate pressed steel barbers chairs, and a vintage art deco wireless in the corner. Continuing the tour we encountered a tiled domed steam room, twin treatment rooms (as I believe the original Barbers Shops in the ye olde days) and much more before suddenly reappearing for another glass of 25yo in the chillaxation room. "Oh of I must then I simply must… thanks you Ben don't mind if I do!"

Mr Gourmantic looking for the lady shave
Of course the evening did not stop their, seated next to the popup bar with ice carved Chivas plaque was a shoe shine stall (this chap has shined my shoes before) which had to be taken advantage of. Right at the end of the night myself and Mr Gourmantic had to pop into the Barber Shop for a neat tidy up. Kris, my barber for the evening, a young Welsh chap sporting a very cool Teddy Boy Quiff, trimmed and clipped me back into a presentable shape. Kris had mentioned that they are well suited for every day shaves right up to group bucks events or wedding preparations. He also finds such group events a great way to introduce gents like ourselves back into idea of a regular Chivas (shave) and a hair cut. Comments on 'the lady shave' were rife with the barbers obliging a smile and nod to poker face the internal sighs of "heard that one before".

Shoe shines, display cases, pulled pork sliders
As a launch event goes it would have been nice to have had some presentation by Chivas and or spaQ to announce why and what was actually going on. Even so it was an easy going evening allowing for exploration of the location to fill in the gaps. A few direct questions delivered all the answers need and the staff were all to happy to help.

Not surprising it was the usual suspects, being Corinne and Kevin from Gourmantic, Osheen from Watch & Whisky, and myself to be last to leave with and with a final sip of the 25yo that saw us shuffle out into the lift and into the street.

Thanks for SpaQ, Penrod Ricard, Chivas Brothers, and Cavcon for the opportunity to be part of this unique joint venture.

The Baron

D.T.W.C. was invited as a guest this event. All views and opinions are our own unless otherwise stated.