Thursday, July 3, 2014

New Release - Highland Park Dark Origins

Official press shot from Highland Park facebook site
Highland Park's latest release may actually be something worth tucking into for a change. We have not seen a great deal of success with all the limited releases from HP over the years and the pricing that followed has delivered questionable value. That said there is no doubting the standard releases from Highland Park are just fantastic that set a benchmark for anything else there release to be gauged by.

Now we see Highland Park Dark Origins. A NAS (No Age Statement) using twice as much first fill sherry casks as the Highland Park 12yo. With no caramel colouring or chill filtering, it retains natural colour and bottled at 46.8% abv.

Setting the pricing scale at £64.95 / $118.06AU we need to consider the taxes it may incur on importing so add another $20AU to the price just to be sure.

Official tasting notes from Highland Park are:

Colour: Rich mahogany

Nose: Sherried spice and ripe bananas combine with toasted hazelnuts and baked apple

Palate: Well-balanced, dry peat at first mellowing out to maraschino cherries, warm dark chocolate entices the palate

Finish: Enduring sweet smoke

Yet to be released in Australia we would hope to see it in a couple of months based on what Highland Park has said on Facebook.

I personally am getting over sherry and have for a while, but if the 12yo is anything to go by the sherry influence is going to be more minimal than some of those saturated releases by other distillers. Looking forward to trying this and soon.

The Baron

This is a non-sponsord promotion. For any further details please defer to the Highland Park website.