Monday, October 20, 2014

Simply delicious – The Smoked Bacon Bourbon

The Smoked Bacon Bourbon
Smoked Bacon Bourbon... have you heard of people doing it? Does the idea make you cringe or salivate? Recently I had the opportunity to taste a dram of The Smoked Bacon Bourbon. Created by The Experimental Spirits Co. this company is the brain child of Sven Almenning owner and manager of Eau De Vie Sydney, Eau De Vie Melbourne,  The Roosevelt Bar & Diner, and Eau De Vie Apothecary Sydney.

Unique to this infused whiskey is the fact it was a crowd funded project via the online Pozible service. Achieving the target of $25,000 AU the project was successfully funded and delivered to critical acclaim amongst the local whisky community. Prior to utilising the crowd funding service Sven and Dr Phil (who can be found behind the bar at Eau De Vie Apothecary Sydney) did the experimental ground work first prior to releases so they already knew it was going to work.

I have seen some disgusting experiments in bacon infused bourbon and though the concept sounds reasonable the filtration process as well as managing the levels of bacon infusion is like playing tennis with 2 hands tied behind you back. Typical results with bacon infusion is poor filtration delivering a greasy cloudy liquid followed by rancidity due to bacterial growth on the semi-filtered bacon fat. I am glad to say the Smoked Bacon Bourbon experiment has been an amazing success.

Though I did here murmurs of the the crowd funding project through fellow drammers, I did not look into it nor fund the project (though now I wish I did). It was not until I was at the Chivas Extra launch at Eau De Vie Sydney that speaking with a fellow blogger did I realised I was in the right spot to be tasting a dram served by the hand of the creators.

This is extremely small batch infusion at it’s finest. Though Dr Phil would not disclose the Bourbon whiskey being used, the smoked bacon is sourced locally Sydney side from Black Forest Smokehouse in Marrickville.

Smoked Bacon Bourbon
Batch: The Experimental Bottle (Dr Phil said it was a pre-release bottling)
Creator: The Experimental Spirits Co.
Alcohol/ABV: 40%

Colour: Amber

Nose: Brown sugar, glazed salted bacon, rich vanilla oaks, preserved fruits, and a bit of lemon thyme.

Taste: Mouth coating and full bodied delivering ripe bacon fat, baked apples glazed with sweet brown sugar, salted pork and tell tale vanilla oaks of any bourbon.

Finish: Medium in length the saturated syrupy sugars do tend to overtake everything else as the palate becomes marginally tacky.

Overall: A very enjoyable dram the overall working a an excellent aperitif if your getting in the mood for a a pork roast or some cheeky slow cooked ribs. Many may find the sugar syrup and ripe fats extreme but if you like bacon and like bourbon you’ll be a over this. Only a mild cloudiness is found in the liquid while the fat infusion coming off the bacon just sticks to the glass developing legs from top to bottom.

If I was to give a dram 6 out of 7 and well worth the purchase at $80.00 a bottle. If you are looking to purchase it can be found at A simply delicious whiskey infusion. I was excited to try it and still excited to grab get out there and grab a bottle or 2.

The Baron