Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A Smoky Christmas – The Wild Rover Meets Laphroaig

A Smoky Christmas
The Wild Rover has been building their own whisky scene for over a year now with their Campbell Corner Whisk(e)y Co-operative. Though I have only made the trek over to The Wild Rover twice before this afternoon (The Hills is a long way out) it was good to see their Christmas party contained whisky. Titled Laphroaig Smoky Christmas your would expect just that right?! In fact I think it only contained whisky thanks to the generous nature of Laphroaig, The Wild Rover, and the dramming hands of Dan “Fingers” Woolley.

Islay Oysters
Held in the upper bar of The Wild Rover, arrival was greeted with, well, whisky and Islay oysters. Before me was presented a nostalgic weights tray filed with fresh shucked oysters, rock salt, and eyedroppers filled with Laphroaig to lace the oyster at your own whisky level. Even though I arrived on time the joint was packed to the rafters. As a live Swamp Delta Blues Slide Guitar Duo set up in the far corner, Penicillin cocktails flowed and Islay oysters were slurped, but where was that crafty Dan “Fingers” Woolley and those pours of Laphroaig.

Laphroaig Eye Droppers
Nestled against the far wall past all the crowd, a cask head was set with a fine selection of Laphroaig 10yo, Laphroaig Select Cask, Laphroaig Quarter Cask (my favourite), and tucked inside the barrel the Laphroaig 25yo. BOOM BABY! Serving out the drams of course was the original rock'n'roller Dan. Simply you can’t get more dedicated to the water of life than a man with WHISKY tattooed across his fingers. Regardless if you choose to flee Dan’s prison breaker appeal (after a Laphroaig pour of course and saying thank you a lot) or see through the mighty exterior to cuddle the mighty bear (and there was a lot of cuddles being given out especially by the ladies), you will find his veins seep with the scent of whisky. Never miss an opportunity to query for insights and tips. The pours were heavy and the drams were fine and at that time there was no where else I wanted to be.

Penicillin Cocktails
Flighting the floor were all faces and names of industry individuals alike. Too many to mention and all old chums in some way or form. It was good everyone was comfortable with each other because if you weren't rubbing a bum or a check with the slightest movement you were not in room at all. I found a comfy spot next to the band and prompt remained rooted for a good duration of the afternoon.

The band cranked up with some pretty cool old school rock while the crowd literally pushed at the walls and whisky plashed the wooden floor like a heaving salt crusted man-of-war. Thunder cracked outside with the skies looming large. As time passed I knew I ‘had’ to attend the next Christmas party that evening. I was committed. Grabbing my trusty Whisky & Wingback’s partner in crime, Whisky Ledger, we departed reluctantly to head for other end of the city. A Frat Party was starting up at the famous, soon to be infamous Shirt Bar. That story is for next time.

Thanks to Laphroaig, Dan Woolley, and The Wild Rover for putting on a classic and all too generous spread. Sláinte.

The Baron.