Monday, March 30, 2015

The Future Comes - Ardbeg Day 2015

Ardbeg Perpetuum - Image sourced
Ardbeg Day 2015 is coming and it looks like robots could be on the cards? Ok maybe not robots but prosthetic limbs judging by the promotions to date.

For those not an Ardbeg Committee Member, and I am guessing this is very few, you will know that the the coming Ardbeg Day sees a special expression release each and every year. This year it is the Ardbeg Perpetuum.

What does this release mean? Well at this point very little has been made available on what profile this whisky is to have. Previous years have seen a pretty blurred line in genuine stand out uniqueness to the general releases of Ardbeg. I have always seen it as a celebration of Ardbeg rather than a some rarity in bottling sort after for years to come. A whisky to enjoy on the day.

This Ardbeg Day event, scheduled for the 30th May 2015, is always something to attend and never to be missed (if you can help it). This day (traditionally free to attend) is for Ardbeg lovers the world over with events held in various cities the world over. There is always festivities. There is always fun. There is always Ardbeg whisky.  To find out when this event registrations are to happen and what cities, be sure to sign up as a Committee Member so you don't miss out. It costs you nothing to register and the emails are few and far between so no spam in your inbox.

If you want to discover what goes on at an Ardbeg Day read up on our previous posts: A Day Gone & A Day To Come - Ardbeg Day 2014; What A Day - Ardbog Day Sydney 2013.

Very much looking forward to this years event and what the future is to bring.

The Baron

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