Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Big, Bold & Thick – Wild Turkey Forgiven

Wild Turkey Forgiven
Released back in 2013, we have not seen this on the shelves in the local area for a while. I thought it time I had finally gotten around to opening and reviewing the Wild Turkey Forgiven. Now that I have, I wish I had grabbed another bottle.

This whiskies story is all in the name. As it goes a batch of Wild Turkey Bourbon and a batch Rye was accidentally vatted together by distillery workers through the misfortune of linking the wrong pump. Luckily this accidental marriage did not have devastating results so they, the workers, were “forgiven” for the mistake by the master distiller. I am sure there where a few tweaks and twists to level out the blend but the end result is this limited edition Small Batch Bourbon & Rye Straight Whiskey. Displayed in a lovely bottle very similar to that of the Wild Turkey Rare Breed, this small batch bourbon is not hard to miss (if you can still find one).

Wild Turkey Forgiven
Distiller: Wild Turkey
Alcohol/ABV: 45.5%
Type: Bourbon and Rye Blend
Batch: 302

Nose: Powerful and rich with lots of fresh sawn toasted oak goodness combined with honey, brown sugar and a spicy tickle. This is a whisky you can nose for a long time.

Taste: Big, bold & thick. Rich oak sugars with subtle plays of woody earthy tannins and burnt toffee. Very quickly a big cinnamon spice prickle begins throughout the palate lasting indefinitely it would seem.

Finish: Long and drawing well balanced between the sweetness on the mouth and the dry heat in the chest. It leaves a really spice assault on lips and tip pf the tongue minutes after sipping.

Overall: A really enjoyable small batch bourbon with a good depth of complexity to keep you on your toes. The intensity is right up there so I can see why it has been left to a small batch release. If I was to give a dram 6 out of 7.

I found this whisky excellent for cooking with and matching to BBQ ribs when not dreaming on the back deck. You will not find this whisky displayed on the Wild Turkey website anymore so it may be we won’t be seeing it again anytime soon. If you do find a bottle on the shelf, certainly pick one up to try. I is worth the adventure.

The Baron