Thursday, May 21, 2015

Dublin On The Rise - Teeling Single Grain

Feeling Single Grain
I have been working the Teeling magic for sometime so it is about time I actually documented it officially. At our previous club(s) tasting I showed up the virtues of the Teeling Small Batch with its delicious rum cask finishing. Here I present the Teeling Single Grain. Quite simply liquid raspberry ice-cream. What a profile!

To begin though a wee bit about Teeling itself. Teeling is an old name in the Irish whiskey community with ties to whiskey production dating back to the 1780’s. Until recently all Teeling whiskey was being produced under the Cooley distilleries celling. Now, with the new Teeling distillery constructed and it’s doors about to open to the public, Dublin sees its first new distilled active in 125 years. Teeling's goal is “to revive the independent spirit of Dublin” through small batch releases of interesting and flavoursome bottlings.

This whisky, the Single Grain, has been an award winner since it saw release nabbing the title of World’s Best Grain at the World Whiskies Awards, 2014. With full maturation in Californian red wine barrels, the whiskey takes on a lush red berry nature. I have presented the Single Grain now in several public whisky tastings and can confirm it is a true crowd pleaser every single time.

As the name suggest it is single grain being primarily made of corn. There is a small amount of malted barely that goes into the mash in order to create a natural catalyst to start the sugar break down process. Under EU law a single grain can have up to 10% malted barley if required. You may start to associate corn with bourbon but let me tell you there is no resemblance except they are both whiskies. Corn is in fact one of the most widely used grains in the world for distillation and not just relegated to the bourbon industry as urban myth tells.

Teeling Single Grain
Distiller: Teeling Whiskey Company
Alcohol/ABV: 46%
Type: Single Grain
Region: Dublin, Ireland
Barrels: Californian Cabernet Sauvignon
Bottled: 10/2014

Nose: Light coffee, raspberries, creamy vanillas & spice mingling to make fresh liqueur white chocolate.

Taste: Soft rounded mouth feel that gets spicy with exciting mixed berry and vanilla ice cream.

Finish: High cardboard dryness with a medium heat that causes palate chew with lingering sweetness.

Overall this is an amazing whiskey and oh so well priced at $64.00AU a bottle. Considering it is coming in at 46% ABV, displaying excellent packaging, and outstanding spirit quality, makes it a sure winner. If I was to give a dram an easy 6 out of 7. It may have taken some time since the end of Prohibition in the US which caused the decay of the Irish whiskey market but, I think we can surely say Irish is on the rise again with crackers like this.

At this time Teeling it is only available by the bottle through Dan Murphy’s but will now also be seen over bar tops too. Keep an eye out for the Teeling Small Batch (review to come), Single Malt, and 21 Year Old.

The Baron.