Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Cloaked in Velvet - Teeling 21yo Silver Reserve Single Malt

Teeling 21yo Silver Reserve Single Malt. Note bottle unavailable to shoot. Package tube from Teeling Small Batch.
Teeling Whiskey have been making grounds in Australia releasing both the Small Batch and Single Grain to critical applause. Now, to add another level to the family, we see the release of the Teeling 21yo Silver Reserve Single Malt into Australia.

I do not have too much detail right now on this whisky nor even a pack shot as we only received 50ml to sample. Current indications is the Teeling 21yo Silver Reserve Single Malt will be on Australian store shelves mid 2015. This small batch release of 5,000 bottles saw maturation in ex-Bourbon before a final finish in Sauterne wine casks.

What we can pretty much say is that even though Teeling have opened their doors to the new Dublin Distillery, plans for this release and the next 20 years to come will be using spirit distilled at the Cooley distillery. If Teeling could innovate this way under another distilleries roof imagine what is to come from their own house. Very much looking forward to how this turns out.

Teeling 21yo Silver Reserve Single Malt
Distiller: Teeling Whiskey Company
Location / Region: Dublin, Ireland
Type: Single Malt
ABV: 46%
Wood: Matured in ex-Bourbon. Finished in Sauterne wine casks.
Colour: woody honey

The nose is a delivery of thick caramel, essences of emptied wine barrels, woody oaks, smoked bacon and paprika. May I say some resonance to the Balvenie 21yo Port Wood but much sweeter and bolder.

I almost did not want to move to the taste as the nose had already delivered so much love. A neat sip had an essence of woody dryness from the start but with a heavy coating of caramel and wine. Not sickly sweet but instead a heavier port wine sweetness less the grape sugars. A bit nutty around the edges and a crisp popiness (if that is a word) on the tongue. Dry smoked paprika appears making me almost think this is lightly peated. Potentially think of the sherry and smoke of a Highland Park. Everything is big in the mouth feel but still well balanced. Dear lord I want more.

Finish: Big, vast and warming with some spirit heat returning to the throat. The dryness lingered but was constantly being countered by caramel cloak it wears devilishly well. That puff of smoke is still there and I would be amazed if there was no eating at all in this.
Teeling 21yo Silver Reserve Single Malt Official bottle shot.
Overall this is a lush whisky with a big nose draped in sweet caramel velvet. It lurks in the corner of a crowded room seen but not seen. Only once you know it is there well.. it is hard to take your eyes off it. If I was to give a dram then a solid 6.5 out of 7. Curious about the smoke elements? I need to find out more about this.

Priced at $199.99AU and like all Teeling Whiskey in Australia, it is exclusive to Dan Murphy’s first followed by bar tops later. Thanks to Martin Lynch and Teeling for the sample. It is a stunner for sure.

The Baron

D.T.W.C. was supplied a sample for review. All views and opinions are our own unless otherwise stated.