Thursday, August 27, 2015

The Big Guns - Dramtacular at The Whisky Room

Dramtacular setup at The Whisky Room, The Clock Hotel
Sydney has become an exceptionally vibrant place for whisky tasting experiences with many bars now running their own events. As the industry expands so too bars are looking for alternate was to generate ideas no how to interact with this growing whisky audience. Quite simply whisky is not the den of older gentrified drinkers but instead a vocal, colourful and very enthusiastic and educated audience. Key word here us “educated”. Of course we want to know more about how the whisky is made but also who makes in and why they do the things they have done. Access to these makers and brand ambassadors has become and imperative requirement in the current dramming light.

The evening of Monday 17th August saw one of our favourite dramming locations, The Whisky Room at The Clock Hotel in Surry Hills, Sydney host an almost micro conference on whisky titled Dramtacular. This event was managed jointly with South Trade and The Whisky Room to deliver likes of Martin Lynch, Brand Ambassador for Teeling Whiskey, David Vitale founder of New World Distillery and creator of Starward Whisky, and Gee David Brand Ambassador for Bruichladdich, banter it out over their products and whisky in general to a crowded room of 40 or so individuals. All 3 brands currently fall under the South Trade portfolio distribution throughout Australia, so it is no coincidence the 3 big guns have come together in one Dramtacular evening.

Speakers and audience
For event situations like this it is not important to focus on what exactly is being tasted so we are going to avoid listings the settings and describing the profiles of each whisky. Really what we get out of opportunities like this is a chance to meet, greet, and interact with a suite of knowledgeable, influencing individuals that make this whisky community so electric.

Through the evening we had some insightful looks into distilleries from the perspective of the Starward founder David Vitale, to the brand ambassadors Gee and Martin. Each speaker had their own style of presentation, but all were relaxed in their own way. Playful banter crossed the floor between speakers with points of facts often deferring to one or the other. The evening finished with a few more pours of whisky to make the rounds and the speakers mingling in the crowd or sharing a cigar in the balcony.

Just a few of the drams and eats on the tables
The Whisky Room, as a location for events like this or rocking in for a dram is simply fantastic. Large high ceilings, creative yet balanced decor, big wide doors and windows opening onto a balcony suspended into a green spaced outdoor atrium. Dániel Molnár and staff are always friendly and very knowledgable about the whiskies on the shelf and the beers on tap. The whisky list is creative but not ridiculously extensive so the bottles are turning over at a good rate. Often you will find the duty free gem relaxing on the shelf just waiting for the seal to be cracked. A nice list of boiler maker match ups between beers and whiskies is on hand while the bar top food is excellent and the wine list diverse. We recommend ordering your eats over the Whisky Room bar for prompt fast delivery to your table. The burgers are delicious.

Thanks to South Trade, Dániel and the lads at The Whisky Room, David, Martin, and Gee for a fantastic evening.

The Baron

D.T.W.C. was invited as a guest this event. All views and opinions are our own unless otherwise stated.