Friday, August 14, 2015

We Shaped It - The Bar That Jack Built

The Bar That Jack Built
The year 2014 saw Jack Daniel’s Australia pioneer the what is considered the world’s first crowd-sourced bar. Built in celebration of Jack Daniel’s birthday, the concept was a bar built on the back of hard labour and material donations donate by the public in return for Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey. From chair sat on to the wood of the bench top served from, it truly was The Bar That Jack Built.

Now, the year 2015, sees The Bar That Jack Built return but with an original twist. This bar build will be hitting up 6 destinations from Sydney to Melbourne, while Jack aims to wrangle the locals into helping hit those nails, sand those corners and donate the props to once again, build the Jack Daniel’s bar. Get involved and get paid in bottles of Jack, then kick back and attend the bar launch when it comes back into town all over again.

So the concept (as mentioned) is a celebration of Jack Daniel’s the man, the legend, our hero’s birthday. But when was Jack born? Sketchy details means no one really knows. Rumour of his birthday may or may not have been in September but, it would seem this reasoning is as blind as to why Old No.7 got its title. So pick a date, any date, and you could be right. Otherwise go with the flow, believe in what Brown-Forman is telling us and let the whole month of September simply be Jack Daniel’s birthday instead.

Getting setup for the build
August 6 saw a select group of media and whisky appreciators team up to be the first in to start contributing to The Bar That Jack Built. Luckily for me I was on that list. Arriving early (as I prone to doing) I had to wade my way through a warehouse in Marrickville that was filled with props used for supply to various events and media. Some pretty cool stuff to be sure with many arriving and instantly commenting on the dragons leering over the stairs to the upper loft. A quick climb was to discover an open studio prepped with various tools and tables ready to get us started on the bar build.

Our chief carpenter, Josh Pinkus, lay in wait ready to to give us the ins and out on what we were building and how to go about it in a safe orderly manner. Josh’s hands-on easy approach left everyone confident in the tasks nominated while adding in his guidance where needed.

My contribution to the bar, along with side kick Chris Calcino of APN Australian Regional Media, knocked out 2 shelves and a bench-top over a quick hour period. Chris claimed little knowledge in carpentry but whistled a mean dock workers tune while he laboured away. Not to be forgotten Chris and myself hastily scratched out names into the bench top and racks hoping to track the items down when the bar returns to Sydney in late September.

Building that bar
A hard earned thirst was built up by all as dust and shavings chocked out parched throats (cough cough must… have… Jack). No better way to quench this thirst than with Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 neat or Jack in a cocktail two. On offer was a rather delicious Lynchburg Lemonade (based on the lemonade served at the Jack Daniel’s Distillery) or the Tennessee Mule, another favourite by mixing ginger beer and Old No.7. The Brown-Forman Brand Ambassador, Grant Shearon, was on hand from Queensland to guide us on a tasting tour of Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 before a swag of hot dogs, gherkins and hot pastrami reuben sandwiches were dished out to the hungry revellers. I ate too much but it was a good too much. Love a good reuben.

No hard work goes without gratitude in The Bar That Jack Built. Closing off the night our handy work was graced with a payment in bottle of Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 to thank for the efforts. I say “Thank you Jack Daniel’s”.

Tasting and after party
To get involved in The Bar That Jack Built Australian Tour be sure to turn up at one of the following locations on the listed dates. Times are not listed (yet) but current expectations are to haul in midday to late afternoon and contribute to the cause.

Thursday 10th Sep: Towradgi Beach Hotel, Wollongong
Friday 11th Sep: Walsh's Hotel, Queanbeyan
Saturday 12th Sep: Kooringal Hotel, Wagga Wagga
Sunday 13th Sep: Birallee Tavern, Wodonga
Monday 14th Sep: The Overland Hotel, Shepparton
Tuesday 15th Sep: Grovedale Hotel, Geelong

Official location dates
Once the tour is complete the bar will be open for business. If you are in one of the following locations then it is Jack time. Federation Square, Melbourne from 18-20 September, and Parramatta Park, Sydney from 25-27 September. Even if you could not be involved in the build the bar is still going to be open to the public at certain times. Live music and entertainment including all things Jack will be at the bar for you to enjoy.

For additional enquiries and to follow the status on the The Bar That Jack Built On Tour watch the official facebook page.

Thanks to Brown-Forman, Jack Daniel’s, Josh Pinkus, and Red Agency for getting us involved and help shaping the bar. We will be seeing you are the Parramatta Park bar for sure.

The Baron

D.T.W.C. was invited as a guest this event. All views and opinions are our own unless otherwise stated.