Friday, February 12, 2016

Year Of The Monkey - Monkey Shoulder Popup in Sydney

Image from City Of Sydney Website
Loving the options for whisky in Sydney these days.

William Grant & Sons has setup a small bar pop up in Sydney every day from 5pm to 10pm show casing Monkey Shoulder cocktails. This pop up is in celebration of the Chinese new year and the year of the monkey.

Started on Saturday 6th February it will continue until Sunday 21st February. Admission is free and will be spread over 2 location at Martin Place to World Square. Check the site for more details at the City Of Sydney website.

When: Every day, 5pm to 10pm. Saturday 6 February to Sunday 21 February 2016
Where: 6 - 14 February, Martin Place, Sydney then  15 - 21 February, World Square, Sydney
Cost: Free

Monkey Shoulder is what is called Blended Malt. This means only Single Malt Scotch whiskies have been used to create this bottled spirit. The distillery single malts that go into making Monkey Shoulder are all William Grant and Sons distilleries and all direct neighbours to each other. These distilleries are: Glenfiddich, The Balvenie, Kininvie.

Running events like these are not cheap so be sure to show your appreciation and at the same time find out more about the 3 iconic brands that go into making up this blended malt.

The Baron

This is a non-sponsord announcement. Details were gathered from the City Of Sydney website. For any further details please defer to the City Of City website.