Friday, August 18, 2017

Teeling Revival II Single Malt Whiskey Aged 13 Years

Teeling Revival IISingle Malt Whiskey Aged 13 Years

You all know how much we love the juice being released from Teeling. Recently we had our hands on a bottle of Teeling Revival II Single Malt Whiskey Aged 13 Years finished in ex-calvados casks.

The packaging and bottle are pretty special just in their own right. Delivered in a black double fold solid box it is opened to display snuggly fitted magnificent bottle complete with gold metal stopper. Handling the bottle is a pure pleasure with the smooth sides and wide face. It will take pride of place on any shelf.

As noted in the description it is initially aged for 13 years in ex-bourbon before finishing in ex-calvados casks. For those that do not know calvados is apple brandy. That is to say apple juice fermented into cider which is then distilled. To retain the appellation Calvados, it must me grown, distilled, aged for a minimum of 2 years in Normandy, France.

Teeling Revival II Single Malt Whiskey Aged 13 Years
Distiller: Teeling Whiskey Company
Location/Region: Dublin, Ireland
Wood: Ex-Bourbon
Finished: Ex-Calvados

Nose: Bright fruity and vibrant. Delicious notes of sugary pears, apple flesh, malt grain and raspberry juice fruits.

Taste: Rounded and rich with elements of white sugar, apple pastry, grain, malt, white pepper and finally just a little bit oily.

Finish: Long spicy and fruity with the oak only coming through as the heat builds in the palate.

Overall it is a really pleasant full bodied whisky. There is a nice balance of spice, pepper, fruit and sugar sweetness. Extremely invigorating through and it does not feel like it has over rested in the casks or the finish.

If I was to give a dram then a good 6 out of 7. The price is up there at $160AU but you will not be disappointed at the return, especially if you are buying it as a gift. It looks great and it taste great so what can go wrong. Just note that even though this release is still easily found at most Dan Murphy's here in Australia, this batch has departed and there is now a 14yo hot on its tail finished in ex-Pineau Des Charentes casks. We will be keeping our eyes peeled for that.

Well done again Teeling.

The Baron

D.T.W.C. was supplied a sample for review. All views and opinions are our own unless otherwise stated.