Thursday, December 7, 2017

The Last Post

To our followers and fellow members. It is time for Distant Thunder Whisky Club as a public profile to bed down for the long nap. I am shutting down our public engagement. Well it has been pretty stiff for sometime anyway.

Formally launched in 2009 it was a time when whisky was starting to become a thing though for many of us we had been ingrained into the culture a decade prior. At the time blogging on a Australia scale for whisky had quite literally 0 active publications, especially for public engagement. We started the DTWC blog as a means of communication between members but it soon grew rapidly as it was clear there was an audience Australia wide starved for a local perspective. It can also be said at that moment of 2009 social media, being facebook and twitter, were channels that boosted bloggership and tapped the veins of what people wanted to know. We latched onto that fast. It was a way of getting juicy details immediately form the distillers themselves.

We have been witness to a BOOM in the industry as well as a distinct change in how readerships has evolved. We have seen many bloggers come and go while even our members interests fade as life requirements became priority. Marriage, family, kids. Some of us though have continued into whisky in an even more saturated way by making it our business.

We made DTWC our own through our stupid self applied titles, our varied writing styles, how we felt, how we engage and how we took our photos instead of ripping off others. Oh yes we had our battles. We made some amazing friends, supported others like us, encourage honesty in writing, and pissed of some very arrogant distillers and or operators. My goodness some of those letters and comments. It was built on a simple mantra. Make it personal, make it fun and sure as hell don't believe the hype.

This page and the blog will remain as an archive of historic documentation on the local Sydney scene but will no longer be updated. Many image albums and blog posts covered events and launches that changed the way we thought and appreciated whisky.

We are not all gone though. If you wish to still get a glimpse of how one DTWC member has continued to evolve into whisky as a full time occupation then duck over to the Dramnation facebook, instagram or

Adios from The Baron and rest in peace DTWC.