Communicating With Us

Contacting our club is easy. For general communications you may contact us on the following:

Club Membership

We get a lot, and I mean a lot, of requests for club membership. Unfortunately due to the nature of how our club operates, managing membership is limited with acceptance of new members is at the clubs discretion. At this time our club is not open to public applications.

Press Releases

D.T.W.C maintains this website, public facebook page, and twitter feeds as communications tools for members and non-members alike. We are pleased to accept news and updates from the whisky, beer, spirits and food industries to review on the provision they are whisky related. Posting is at our discretion if the information is deemed applicable to our audience for both members and non-members. Contact for Press Releases.

Being a whisky appreciation society press releases leave little to be said without sensory experience (see tasting samples below) to support the PR claims.

Media & Events

It has become a positive model for our audiences benefit when we review media and pr events related to whisky in the food and beverage industry. If you would like us to attend any event as a club or as an individual we are open to accepting invitations in Australia for Sydney and Brisbane, and for the UK in the greater London area. Where applicable we will review to one or all of our communications streams though attendance does not guarantee publication. Contact for Media Events.

Tasting Samples & Club Features

D.T.W.C. has a primary focus on whisky appreciation though it is not uncommon for other beverages like beer, spirits, or cocktails to enter into discussions. Our clubs structure as a whole typically has many bottles or samples of whisky being broken up to be distributed amongst each other in between official meetings. Supplied samples from either PR services or distilleries direct will see the bottle reviewed and broken up to several members for feedback.

If you would like to feature a whisky at one of our official club meetings please make contact with us in order for a delivery address. Typically at any club meeting a bottle will see 12 to 14 individuals at the table with some samples being drawn from a bottle to be posted out to remote members prior to the meetings date. Contact for Samples and Club Features.